Episode 4: Kim Feldborg


5 June 2024

30 mins 12 secs

Season 1

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About this Episode

"We moved into a brand new house in Taupo, it was double-glazed and looked good, but it was blimmin' cold. I couldn’t understand why people would put up with it. Because of this environment, we decided we wanted to live in a more comfortable house."

In this episode of the pro clima Podcast, Simon Cator interviews Kim Feldborg, a builder from Denmark who moved to New Zealand in 2007. Shocked by the cold temperatures in his rental home, Kim decided to design and build a Passive House, which he and his family have been living in for over ten years now. Kim explains the differences in home heating between Denmark and NZ, noting that Danish homes typically have central heating systems, whereas Kiwi homes often lack adequate heating. He shares his journey in designing his own Passive House, including sourcing materials and ensuring airtightness. Kim highlights the energy efficiency of the house, which maintains a constant temperature with minimal heating costs. He also addresses common misconceptions about airtight homes, emphasizes the benefits of ventilation systems and discusses the new H1 compliance.