Episode 6: Sharon Robinson


2 July 2024

32 mins 9 secs

Season 1

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About this Episode

"Ask yourself, what is your house going to be worth in 2030. A certified Passive House is on the operating levels, energy-wise, of where we're going in 2030. So do you consider your house an investment? I think we put more consideration into the performance of the cars that we buy than we put into the houses that we are creating, and our homes are the largest financial investment that we make in our lives."

In this podcast, Sharon advises homeowners to research the Passive House principles via the Passive House Institute of New Zealand (PHINZ) website, focusing on insulation, airtightness, quality windows, ventilation, and thermal bridging. She emphasizes the importance of discussing energy efficiency and comfort with building professionals early in the design process. Building high-performance homes from the start is more efficient than upgrading conventional homes later, and smaller, better-performing homes can also be more efficient.

Sharon and Simon also discuss misconceptions about building codes often leading to minimal standards being mistaken for optimal performance; energy modelling and data-driven design are essential for achieving true efficiency and comfort, with professional designers offering long-term savings despite higher initial costs.

Episode Links

  • Free Architectural Guide — This free guide outlines the Architectural Design Process. Also included is information on Passive House and Homestar which are avenues you may wish to consider for your journey.
  • Passive House Download — This complimentary guide published by the Passive House Institute of New Zealand breaks down what a Passive House is, and how they are different to live in.